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Brief Determination


This is the initial stage where we establish your project brief.


First, we would arrange a phone/zoom call with you to establish your preliminary brief requirements - seeking to understand the issues which have led you to embark on this project. 

We will also discuss your needs and requirements and the more information you can tell us the more we will be able to understand how we can produce the best design for you. 

At the end of this stage, we will issue a Scope of Work and Fee Proposal document for your review and agreement. 






At this stage we will arrange to meet in person at your home / site to discuss your project further. We will undertake in-depth research of the site and local area, all of which can impact design and highlight any constraints that may be present. We will also take pictures of the property so we have all information that we need to progress the design of your project. 

A measured survey will likely be required and carried out at this stage, providing us with further information about the site including surrounding area. 


Concept Design


This is where we get creative to provide you with design ideas to bring your dream that one step closer. 

Getting to grips with the brief we discussed and implementing our feasibility findings we will be creating ideas through initial sketches, 3D modelling and CAD drawings to present back to you a concept document which will highlight new layout plans and 3D images of how the project could look. 

At the end of this stage we will explain the rationale behind our design decisions and give you an indication of materials.


If required we will submit a pre-application at this stage to gauge the planners thoughts and comments to ensure the most smoothest planning process possible. This wont be required for all projects and we will be discussed on a project by project basis. 




Planning Design


Once the design has been agreed and frozen we will then develop your approved concept design into a refined set of planning drawings ready for a planning application. 

Alongside this, a design and access statement and any other supplementary reports are prepared.


The planning application seeks to inform the local authority of the works you wish to carry out. 

At the end of this stage, we will submit the planning application on your behalf - we always stay in close contact with your appointed local authority planning case officer, keeping an eye on progress and addressing any queries that may arise in an effort to achieve a positive outcome for your project. 


Building Regulation / Construction Drawings. 


We will work with a structural engineer to produce a comprehensive drawing package for your project.


This allows for your tendering contractors to understand how we intend for the project to be constructed and provide accurate costs for the project so you are more confident about how much your project will cost to be bought to life. 

We will also submit your drawings to Building Control for plan check approval, liaising with them as necessary. 

At the end of this stage you will be issued with a drawing package that can be constructed from in association with structural engineers drawings, signed off by building control to allow for works to be carried out. 



Want to find out more or get started. 

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